Our company will make in your area by drilling wells in the process of your information is presented below.

  • Rotary drilling system will make your site a high-capacity will be made with a drilling machine.
  • Your field of drilling machines, tools and auxiliary equipment shall be komprosör truck over.
  • The starting and final drilling boreholes around the shaft diameter to be made are made in different sizes and inner casing as the drill pipe is placed on a special plastic. If you need to be used in the external casing at ground floor Steel Pipe / Plastic Pipe is made.
  • As of foam structure used during drilling rocks with cracks and fractures of the property owners and developers is cleaner. (Does not harm the plant level).
  • During drilling wells in the well water collected from the froth is taken out at any time yield can be determined.
  • Well, if at the start of ground, hard ground is lowered until the outer casing. Prices do not include external casing.
  • After the completion of drilling wells up to the base of the casing is lowered downhole.
  • According to the amount of water from wells in the submersible pump and motor with sufficient power will be recommended to the employer.
  • If it does not get any water from the well (well, cancellation) 40% discount from the total price will be.