Residues (red water, muddy water) coming to your tanks from the İSKİ (istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration) network cause deposition within your tanks in time. Periodical hygienic cleaning is recommended in every 6 months in order to eliminate this deposition, to use cleaner water and to render your stainless tank more durable.

Chemical cleaners used for the cleaning of stainless tanks have official permits and your tanks will be cleaned carefully by our professional teams with nonhazardous and inodorous chemical materials.

Our Cleaning Procedures;

  • 1st Part ;
    Damaged parts on the metal surface inside the tank are cleaned. The chemical material Metox S 3000 is sprayed on the metal with a pump. We wait for a while in order for the material to show its effect thoroughly on the metal surface. After the waiting period, a complete washing is realized with a pressure of 90 Bars by means of a car wash machine.

  • 2nd Part;
    In order to passivate the surface cleaned with Metox S 3000 and to keep it under hygienic conditions, the chemical material Metox DGR 02 is applied thoroughly on the metal surface with a brush. The brushed surface is cleaned thoroughly with a pressure of 90 Bars by means of a car wash machine and your tank will be ready for use

Important Note; Your tank needs to be delivered in an empty state on the day of cleaning.