Depo TemizliğiTANK CLEANING ( Residues (red water, muddy water) coming to your tanks from the İSKİ (istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration) network cause deposition within your tanks in time. Periodical hygienic cleaning is recommended in every 6 months in order to eliminate ... )

Kuyu Temizliği"SHAFT CLEANING" ( Pre-fixation, developed machine to clean the wells on the installation as a result, then the wells net depth to determine the lowest point in the suspension be given that you have used compression tubes are downloaded, the downloaded suction to the compressor air tube is con... )

Sondaj Kuyu AçılmasıWELL DRILLING OPENING ( The starting and final drilling boreholes around the shaft diameter to be made are made in different sizes and inner casing as the drill pipe is placed on a special plastic. If you need to be used in the external casing at ground floor Steel Pipe / Plastic Pipe is placed... )